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UJC Committee

Philosophy Undergraduate Joint Consultative Committee on Faculty Matters

The Philosophy UJCC exists to ensure that undergraduate students reading for joint honour schools involving Philosophy are properly informed and consulted about the Faculty’s business. The Committee provides an excellent forum for undergraduates to discuss issues of interest or concern. It meets once a term (usually, at 2.30pm on Monday of fifth week in the Ryle Room of the Philosophy Centre), and is chaired by an undergraduate student. The senior members are the Chair of the Faculty and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The committee has an undergraduate representative from every college whose students care to appoint one.

The Chair and Secretary of the Committee are expected to attend meetings of the Philosophy Undergraduate Studies Committee (to which the UJCC can make representations) and are also invited to attend the termly meetings of the Faculty. The UJCC is an active and influential body (for example, it played a large part in bringing about recent changes to the General Philosophy syllabus in Mods and Prelims) and undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to get involved.

The Committee recently produced an alternative guide to the FHS Philosophy options, which can be found here.

For further information about the Committee please contact the current Chair (James McConville, email), or discuss it with your Philosophy tutor.

The Senior membership of the committee is as follows:

Prof David Wallace, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Anita Avramides, Chair of the Faculty of Philosophy

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