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Visitor Account Creation

To have a visitor's account set up for access to the computer network, please fill in the form below. Once your account has been set up, we will email you back.

PLEASE NOTE: A DOMAIN account enables you to use the shared computers in Littlegate House or in the GSR in the Radcliffe Humanities building. It does not give you access to the University Wi-Fi (OWL) network. Please tick the "Domain access required" tickbox if you need to use these computers. Philosophy graduate students have priority access to the computers in the GSR.

If you have your own laptop with Wi-Fi capability, and require access to the internet via OWL, Please tick the "OWL access required" tickbox. In this case, please also contact the IT Department for your laptop to be checked for malware and a current anti-virus program before use. Your account will be valid for two weeks, after which time it will need to be renewed by the IT Department.

If you have a University card and email account, you will have a single sign-on (SSO) name, which you should enter below. You may then apply for a Remote Access password from OUCS and download the VPN software for your laptop. This will give you continuous OWL access until your Uni card expires. For details see the OUCS - OWL VPN page.. If you need help with this, and to get your laptop checked before use, contact the IT Department.


(A member of the Faculty.)
Domain access required?
OWL access required?

(Only if you have an SSO account)

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