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Isaiah Berlin Lecture
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Support Staff

Administrative Staff




Dr Rachael Sanders

Head of Administration and Finance

01865 (2)76928

Ms Catriona Hopton

Assistant Administrator

01865 (2)76934

Ms Annelies Lawson

Administrative Assistant

01865 (2)76926

Mr James Knight

Undergraduate Studies Administrator

01865 (2)76925

Ms Iris Geens

Academic Administrator for Graduate Studies

01865 (2)76933

Ms Sally Baume

Graduate Studies Assistant

01865 (2)76933

Ms Emma Brant

Finance Officer

01865 (2)86203

Ms Amanda Millward 

Finance Assistant

01865 (6)15370

Mr Andy Davies

Inter-Faculty Head of IT

01865 (2)86202

Mr David Gridley

IT Officer

01865 (6)15347

Mr David Allen

IT Assistant

01865 (2)86200

Mrs Deborah Sheehan

Administrator of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

01865 (2)86888

Ms Miriam Wood

Administrator of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

01865 (2)86888

Mrs Rachel Gaminiratne

James Martin Projects Officer

01865 (2)86279

Mrs Rocci Wilkinson

Administrative Assistant, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

01865 (2)86888

Library Staff

Name Position Telephone
Dr Hilla Wait Librarian 01865 (2)76927
Dr Colin Cook Deputy Librarian 01865 (2)76927
Mr Daniel Drury Senior Library Assistant 01865 (2)76927
Mrs Valérie Coupland Library Assistant 01865 (2)76927
Ms Katherine Steiner Library Assistant 01865 (2)76927
Ms Sophie Quantrell Library Assistant 01865 (2)76927

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