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Ryle Room
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Ryle Room

Named after Gilbert Ryle, Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy from 1945 to 1967, the Ryle Room is a lecture and seminar room in the Philosophy Centre at Radcliffe Humanities. Just outside the room are exhibited a unique collection of photographic portraits of distinguished Oxford philosophers shown below.


 David Wiggins   David Wiggins
 Isaiah Berlin   Isaiah Berlin
 H.L.A. Hart   H.L.A. Hart
 Arthur Prior   A.N. Prior
 J. l. Austin   J.L. Austin
 Gilbert Ryle   Gilbert Ryle
 A. J. Ayer   A.J. Ayer
 Anthony Kenny   Anthony Kenny
 Elizabeth Anscombe   Elizabeth Anscombe
 Michael Dummett   Michael Dummett
 Peter F. Strawson   P.F. Strawson
 H.P. Grice   H.P. Grice
 B.A.O.Williams   B.A.O.Williams
 J. R. Lucas   J.R. Lucas
 Rom Harré   R.M. Hare
 Iris Murdoch   Iris Murdoch

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