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Harassment Advice

A revised University ‘Policy and Procedure on Harassment’ was approved by Council on 1 December 2014 and is available at:

The revised document includes a new procedure for student complaints of harassment against other students. The document sets out a three stage process, consisting of informal action; seeking support and advice from the office of the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services; and making a formal written complaint to the Proctors.

New guidance for staff on handling cases of sexual assault or sexual violence has also been developed, and the University has provided specialist training to a number of members of staff in handling such cases. Details are available from:

The procedure for complaints of harassment against University staff has been revised to include information on support for students making a complaint against a staff member. The revised staff procedure also includes
more detail on confidentiality requirements, consistent with those in the student procedure.

Harassment Procedure flowchart for Students (PDF)

Harassment Procedure flowchart for Staff (PDF)


Contact the harassment line for confidential advice:  / (2)70760

The Faculty’s Harassment Advisors:
Dr Katherine Morris (, (2)70985)
Dr Tim Mawson (, (2)78949)

Director of Student Welfare and Support Services:
Dr Catherine Paxton (, (2)80444)

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