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Balliol College
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Faculty Members

Philosophy Panel

Prof Pamela Sue Anderson Regent’s Park College

Prof Frank Arntzenius University College

Dr Anita Avramides St Hilda's College

Dr Ralf Bader Merton College

Dr Stephen Blamey St Edmund Hall

Prof Susanne Bobzien All Souls College

Prof Harvey R Brown Wolfson College

Prof Luca Castagnoli Oriel College

Dr Adam Caulton Balliol College

Prof William Child University College

Prof Ursula Coope Corpus Christi College

Prof Roger Crisp St Anne's College

Prof Martin Davies Corpus Christi College

Prof Paul Elbourne Magdalen College

Prof Cecile Fabre All Souls College

Prof Elizabeth Fricker Magdalen College

Prof John Gibbons St Hilda's College

Dr Anil Gomes Trinity College

Dr James Grant Exeter College

Prof Hilary Greaves Somerville College

Prof Volker Halbach New College

Dr Edward Harcourt Keble College

Prof Alison Hills St John's College

Prof John Hyman The Queen's College

Prof Terence Irwin Keble College

Dr Lindsay Judson Christ Church

Dr Guy Kahane Pembroke College

Dr Alexander Kaiserman Balliol College

Dr Peter Kail St Peter's College

Dr Philipp Koralus St Catherine's College

Dr Dave Leal Brasenose College

Prof Brian Leftow Oriel College

Dr Paul Lodge Mansfield College

Prof William Mander Harris Manchester College

Dr Tim Mawson St Peter's College

Prof Jeff McMahan Corpus Christi College

Prof Peter Millican Hertford College

Prof Andreas Mogensen Jesus College

Prof Adrian Moore St Hugh’s College

Dr Katherine Morris Mansfield College

Prof Stephen Mulhall New College

Dr Karen Nielsen Somerville College

Prof Alexander Paseau Wadham College

Dr Michail Peramatzis Worcester College

Prof Ian Phillips St Anne's College

Dr Oliver Pooley Oriel College

Prof Ian Rumfitt All Souls College

Prof Simon Saunders Merton College

Prof Julian Savulescu St Cross College

Dr Joseph Schear Christ Church

Prof Dominic Scott Lady Margaret Hall

Dr Thomas Sinclair Wadham College

Dr James Studd Lady Margaret Hall

Dr Chris Timpson Brasenose College

Prof Cecilia Trifogli All Souls College


Other members of the Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Anne M. Aimola-Davies Corpus Christi College

Mr Thomas Ainsworth Corpus Christi College

Dr Roger Allen St. Peter's College

Dr Sophie Allen St Peter’s College and Harris Manchester College

Dr Sophie Archer Keble College

Dr Roxana Baiasu Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Brian Ball Balliol College

Dr Max Baker-Hytch Wycliffe Hall

Dr Daniel Bedingham Information at the Quantum Physics/Statistical Mechanics Nexus

Dr Jordan Bell Regent's Park College

Dr Matthew Benton New Insights in Religious Epistemology

Prof Nick Bostrom Oxford Martin School

Dr Louise Braddock Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Ada Bronowski The Queen's College

Dr Matthew Broome Department of Psychiatry / St Hilda's College

Dr Luke Brunning Corpus Christi College

Dr Denis Buehler Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Nick Bunnin Corpus Christi College

Dr Lucy Campbell Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Dan Cavedon-Taylor Brasenose College

Dr Isaac Choi New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology

Dr Andrea Christofidou Worcester College & Keble College

Dr Ellen Clarke All Souls College

Dr Nathaniel C Wadham College

Dr John Cusbert Population Ethics: Theory and Practice

Dr Elizabeth Cykowski Faculty of Philosophy

Dr George Darby Metaphysics of Entanglement

Dr Will Davies Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

Dr Katrien Devolder Centre for Practical Ethics

Mr Daniel Dewey Program on the Impacts of Future Technology

Dr Tom Douglas Brasenose College

Dr Manuel Dries St Hilda's College

Dr William Dunaway New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology

Dr Gideon Elford New College

Prof Timothy Endicott Balliol College

Mr Owain Evans Future of Humanity Institute

Dr Paolo Fait New College

Dr Elianna Fetterolf Therapeutic Conflicts: Co-Producing Meaning in Mental Health

Prof Gail Fine Merton College

Prof John Finnis University College

Prof Luciano Floridi St Cross College

Dr Elizabeth Frazer New College

Dr Robert Frazier Christ Church

Prof Bill Fulford St Catherine’s College

Dr Jason Gaiger St Edmund Hall

Prof John Gardner University College

Dr Sebastian Gertz St John's College

Dr Richard Gipps Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr David Glick Metaphysics of Entanglement

Prof Antony.C. Grayling St. Anne's College

Dr Lorenzo Greco Mansfield College

Prof Leslie Green Balliol College

Dr Owen Griffiths Wadham College

Dr Janine Gühler Worcester College

Dr Henry Hardy Wolfson College

Dr Kei Hiruta Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

Dr Peter Holland Green Templeton College

Prof Tony Hope St Cross College

Prof Christina Howells Wadham College

Dr Jeremy Howick Kellogg College

Revd. G.J. Hughes Campion Hall

Dr Nicholas Jones Merton College

Dr Brian King Brasenose College

Dr Peter King Pembroke College

Dr Brian Klug St Benet's Hall

Dr Daniel Kodaj Metaphysics of Entanglement

Ms Gail Leckie Mansfield College

Dr David Lee Exeter College

Dr W Y Lee Department of Materials

Dr Alexander Leveringhaus Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Dr David J. Lobina Faculty of Philosophy

Dr Ian Logan Blackfriars Hall

Dr Joel Lonfat Blackfriars Hall

Dr William MacAskill Future of Humanity Institute

Dr Anna Marmodoro Corpus Christi College

Dr Owen Maroney Wolfson College

Dr Salvador Mascarenhas St Catherine’s College

Dr Hannah Maslen Oxford Uehiro Centre

Mr Naci Mehmet Pembroke College

Mr Amyas Merivale Hertford College

Dr Steven Methven Worcester College

Dr Joseph Melia Information at the Quantum Physics/Statistical Mechanics Nexus

Dr Dirk Meyer The Queen's College

Prof David Miller Nuffield College

Prof Benito Müller Wolfson College

Alessandro Di Nicola Somerville College

Dr Toby Ord Balliol College

Dr Martin Pickup New College

Dr Jonathan Pugh Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

Dr Dirk Obbink Christ Church

Dr Jonathan Pila Wolfson College

Mr Stephen Priest Blackfriars Hall & Wolfson College

Dr Dani Rabinowitz New Insights in Religious Epistemology

Prof Janet Radcliffe-Richards Oxford Uehiro Centre

Prof Joel Rasmussen Mansfield College

Prof Tobias Reinhardt Corpus Christi College

Prof Dan Robinson Linacre College

Dr Daniel Rothschild All Souls College

Dr Anders Sandberg FHI-Amlin Research Collaboration

Dr Severin Schroeder Christ Church

Dr Owen Schaefer Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

Prof Roger Scruton Blackfriars Hall

Dr Joseph Shaw St Benet's Hall

Dr Nicholas Shea ERC project on Metacognition of Concepts

Dr Mark Sheehan St. Cross College

Dr Joshua Shepherd Oxford Centre for Neuroethics

Dr Tom Simpson Wadham College

Prof Richard Sorabji Wolfson College

Dr Amia Srinivasan All Souls College

Dr Andrew Stephenson Trinity College

Dr Rafal Stepien Wolfson College

Dr Damien Storey Lady Margaret Hall

Ms Marianne Talbot Brasenose College

Dr Roger Teichmann St. Hilda's College

Dr Chon Tejedor Regent's Park College

Professor Roger Trigg Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion

Dr Irini Viltanioti The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

Dr. Nicholas Waghorn St. Benet's Hall

Mr Robert Watt Christ Church

Mr Daniel Waxman Corpus Christi

Prof Jan Westerhoff Lady Margaret Hall

Dr James Wilk St. Edmund Hall

Prof Jonathan Wolff Blavatnik School of Government

Dr Stephen Wright Jesus College

Prof Boris Zilber Merton College

Dr Friedrich Zimmermann St Cross College


Emeritus members of the Faculty of Philosophy

Prof M.R. Ayers Wadham College

Mr D. Bostock Merton College

Prof John Broome Corpus Christi College

Mrs Lesley Brown Somerville College

Prof M. Burnyeat All Souls College

Mrs Jane Day Lady Margaret Hall

Prof Alison Denham St Anne's College

Prof Dorothy Edgington Magdalen College

Mr J.C.B. Gosling St. Edmund Hall

Prof J.P. Griffin Corpus Christi College

Dr P.M.S. Hacker St. John's College

Mr H.R. Harré Linacre College

Mr E. Hussey All Souls College

Mr Michael Inwood Trinity College

Dr Daniel Isaacson Wolfson College

Mrs J. Jack Somerville College

Sir Anthony Kenny St. John's College

Dr J.D. Kenyon St. Peter's College

Mr C.A. Kirwan Exeter College

Dr M. Klein Pembroke College

Dr S.M. Lovibond Worcester College

Mr J.R. Lucas Merton College

Dr W.H. Newton-Smith Balliol College

Mr Derek Parfit All Souls College

Prof Joseph Raz Balliol College

Mr D.H. Rice Christ Church

Prof Alan Ryan New College

Prof R.G. Swinburne Oriel College

Prof C.C.W. Taylor Corpus Christi College

Gabriele A. Taylor St. Anne's College

Dr Ralph Walker Magdalen College

Prof D.R.P. Wiggins New College

Dr Stephen Williams Worcester College

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