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Full list of prize winners

Winners of the Henry Wilde Prize in Philosophy

1965 David Samuel Hodes
1966 John Laurence Hylton Thomas
1967 Michael Gareth Justin Evans
1968 Michael James Williams
1969 Terence Henry Irwin and Mark de Bretton Platts
1970 Roger Alan Young
1971 Christopher Arthur Bruce Peacocke
1972 David William Brown and Kevin Vincent Watts
1973 Richard Pertz
1974 John Pratt Richardson
1975 Trevor James Malcolm Bench-Capon
1976 Timothy Williamson
1977 Nicholas Charles Denyer and Alan Huw Thomas
1978 John Paul Eagan
1979 Robin Peter Cranmer and John Stuart Vickers
1980 Michael Neil Forster
1981 Nicholas David Tyrrell and Thomas Anthony Coughlin Smith
1982 Geoffrey Alan Willis
1983 Timothy William Child
1984 Lucinda Jane Coventry and Elspeth Ross Crail
1985 David Sakyi Alexander and Michael Gerard Fitzgerald Martin
1986 David Kevin Phillips and Ian Patrick Rumfitt
1987 Jeremy David Dawbarn Pardoe
1988 Nicholas James Owen and Amahl Smith
1989 Justin Gareth Walters and Anna Louise Wechsberg
1990 Simon Lopez Salzedo
1991 Simon J Harding and Mungo IG Wilson
1992 Ursula CM Coope and Samir Okasha
1993 Beverley A Blakeney
1994 Daffyd Stuttard
1995 Marcus Williamson
1996 Nicholas G Kolodny
1997 Andrew D. Morrison and Edward Gray
1998 Grant Chum
1999 James Walmsley
2000 Diarmid MacKenzie
2001 Frederick Watts
2002 Geoffrey Lee
2003 Hilary Greaves and Thomas Munby
2004 Mark Vandevelde; Proxime Accesserunt Rhodri Davies and Gail Trimble
2005 James Studd; Proxime Accesserunt Jonathan Cottrell and Adam Nahum
2006 Benjamin Gray
2007 Thomas Donaldson
2008 Jack Farchy
2009 Scott Liddle
2010 Thomas Coates and Joe Sturge
2011 Iain Atkinson and Peter Browne
2012 Benjamin Zelenka Martin and Olinga Tahzib

The Gilbert Ryle Prize
2008 James Studd
2009 New College.
2010 Benjamin Eidelson
2011 Andrew Bacon
2012 Harvey Lederman 
Winners of the Elizabeth Anscombe Thesis Prize
2004 Ida Jansson
2005 James Studd
2006 Harry Jones
2007 Pauline Sliwa
2008 Thomas Donaldson; proxime accessit Samuel Wilkinson
2009 Scott Liddle
2010 Daniel Waxman
2011 Alexander Bown
2012 Jacob Williamson 
Winners of the John Duns Scotus Prize in Medieval Philosophy
2001 Victoria Moul
2002 Stefan Koller
2003 Hugh Man and Daniel Blanche
2004 Gail Trimble
2005 Gail Francis Murphy
2006 James Kierstead
2007 Marilyn Oldfield
2008 Peter Clapp and Alexander Norman
2009 Samuel Donaldson and Victoria Lee
2010 No winner
2011 No winner
2012 Maximus Marenbon and Katherine Moe 
Winners of the John Locke Prize in Mental Philosophy
1966 T.J. Richards
1967 R.C.S. Walker
1968 P. Röper
1969 P.F. Snowdon
1970 Not Awarded
1971 M. de B. Platts; Proxime Accessit R.J. Delahubty
1972 C.A.B. Peacocke; Proxime Accessit C.E. Roberts
1973 C. McGinn; Proxime Accessit I.L. Humberstone; Specially Recommended K.V. Watts
1974 M.E. McGinn; Proxime Accessit M.K. Davies
1975 G.R. Forbes
1976 T.J.M. Bench-Capon and T.M. Hurka
1977 F.D. Schier and N.L. Unwin
1978 H.J. White; Proxime Accessit A. Avramides
1979 Not Awarded
1980 J.E. Incigneri and A.W. Moore; Proxime Accessit R. Gay
1981 J.J. Campbell
1982 J.H. Tonkel; Proxime Accessit M.A. Smith
1983 G.M.A. Segal
1984 S. Grover; Proxime Accesserunt T.W. Child and G.R. Gillett
1985 B.J. Garrett
1986 R.P.L. Teichmann
1987 A. Melnyk
1988 Not Awarded
1989 I.P. Rumfitt
1990 Not Awarded
1991 Not Awarded
1992 Not Awarded
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Not Awarded
1995 S. Okasha
1996 G. Healey; Recognition Awardedto A.J.H. Clark, N. Manson and T. Chan
1997 M. Williamson
1998 Not Awarded
1999 S. Shuchart and H.G. Stewart
2000 Not Awarded; Recognition Awarded to A. Leuenberger, D. Ninan and M. Gerhold.
2001 Awarded equally to W. Breckenridge and R. Madden.
2002 Not Awarded; Recognition Awarded to S. Kearns
2003 S. Moss
2004 A. Gomes; Proxime Accessit S. Kearns
2005 D. Morgan; Proxime Accessit G. Leckie
2006 A. Wilson
2007 L. Glynn; Proxime Accessit W. Davies
2008 A. Bacon; Proxime Accesserunt J. Cottrell and D. Egan

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