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Undergraduate Admissions

At this time of year, the Faculty receives a large number of enquiries about the application process for undergraduate degrees. While we are happy to answer these, the vast majority of these questions are answered simply by reference to the University’s website; and given the imminent UCAS deadline of October 15, candidates would be well advised to save time by consulting the main admissions pages. The main page for undergraduate admissions can be found here.

Useful tabs include “Courses” (where a description of each course, and the requirements for entry to it, can be found), “How to apply” and “International Students”.

It is important to thoroughly study the pages for the course you are interested in. On individual course pages, you will find four headings: “About this course”, “Course outline”, “Entrance requirements”, and “How to apply”. (See an example here.) It is imperative that you click on each heading and read the information contained there before applying.

Questions not answered by the University’s website and specifically relating to Philosophy courses can be directed to If you have a question related more to the application process itself, you should contact the Admissions Office directly, either at or by telephone on (+44) (01865) 288000.

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