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The 2010 Conington Prize

The Examiners of the 2010 Conington Prize in Ancient Philosophy and Ideas have agreed to award the Prize jointly to Damian Caluori (Worcester College, now Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Trinity University, TX) for his dissertation on Plotinus on the Soul; and to Timothy Crowley (University College, now Lecturer in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin) for his dissertation on Aristotle on the Matter of the Elements.

The Conington Prize is open to graduates of the University and to current members of the University. The Prize is offered annually in three fields in rotation. The cycle will continue as follows:

2011 Classical literature, textual criticism, and philology
2012 Ancient history, religion, art, and archaeology
2013 Ancient philosophy and ideas

Further details about future competitions will be published in due course

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