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Scott Sturgeon awarded Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship

The Faculty is delighted to announce that Dr Scott Sturgeon, CUF Lecturer in Philosophy and Tutorial Fellow at Wadham College, has been awarded a Research Fellowship by The Leverhulme Trust. The Fellowship will fund a two year project on Epistemic Norms. Dr Sturgeon describes the project as follows:

“Philosophers agree that rational belief is based on good evidence. They disagree, however, about the nature of belief itself. Some claim it is an all-or-nothing affair, while others say it is a matter of degree. The resulting dispute generates a blizzard of disjointed work on rationality with little or no cross-pollination in the literature. I will correct that situation by writing a book-length study of rational belief which extends, corrects and unifies the main models of the phenomenon. The key idea will be that suspended judgement comes in degrees which mix with degrees of belief.”

Further details about The Leverhulme Trust’s Research Fellowship scheme can be found on the Trust’s website.

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