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Professor Savulescu awarded research grants

Julian Savulescu Awarded AHRC Research Grant

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has awarded Julian Savulescu, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, £571,412.00 to conduct a three year project on ‘Science and Religious Conflict’. The project will commence on 1 January 2009. It will be hosted within the Faculty of Philosophy. Dr Steve Clarke is a named researcher on the project. A second full-time researcher will be recruited to work on the project.

UK's First Neuroethics Centre

Julian Savulescu has been awarded £800,000 by the Wellcome Trust to establish the UK's first neuroethics centre, which will bring together the world's best scientists and philosophers working in the field today. The centre will address many of the philosophical challenges raised by neuroscience and promote promising new directions in neuroscientific research. Research will focus on questions about the enhancement of cognition and mood; borderline consciousness and severe brain impairment; free will, criminal responsibility, and addiction; and the neural basis of moral decision-making.


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