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Philosophy to move in 2012

In August 2012, the Philosophy Faculty will leave its home for the last 30 years at 10 Merton Street and move to the refurbished Radcliffe Infirmary building on the Woodstock Road. As well as housing the Philosophy Faculty, the Grade II* listed building will also contain a combined Philosophy and Theology Library and the administrative offices of the Humanities Division.

The move which will, amongst other things, enhance the quality and quantity of space available for our graduate students means that Philosophy will become the first academic unit to be located within the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, the site on which the integrated Humanities Centre (including new space for the Faculty) will be established in due course.

Copies of plans for the redeveloped Radcliffe Infirmary building, together with photographs and CGIs of the site, are available for members of the University to consult in the following room on WebLearn, and can also be found in the lobby of the Philosophy Centre at 10 Merton Street.

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