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Oxford Philosophy thrives in the 2011 Philosophical Gourmet Report

The 2011 Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) has now been published. In Ancient Philosophy and in Philosophy of Law, Oxford is placed first outright (i.e., as the only member of Group 1). It is placed in Group 1 (with other institutions) in Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics; Philosophical Logic; Philosophy of Physics; Applied Ethics; and History of Analytic Philosophy (including Wittgenstein). Overall, the survey ranks Oxford second in the Anglophone world with a mean score of 4.7 (out of 5). New York University was ranked first with 4.8, and Rutgers came third with 4.5. Below Oxford, the next highest ranked philosophy department in the UK is Cambridge, with an overall mean score of 3.5.

The PGR is a reputational survey of philosophy programmes in North America, the UK, and Australasia. The rankings result from a survey of a large number of philosophers in these countries. Each programme receives both an overall ranking (from 0 to 5) and a ranking for its strength in each area of philosophy. Many philosophers, and many prospective graduate students, take the results of this survey seriously. Further information about the methodology of the survey and a list of evaluators can be found here.

In the 2011 PGR, Oxford also scored highly in the following subject areas, in each case appearing in the second or third groups: Philosophy of Mind (Group 2); Epistemology (Group 2); Philosophy of Action (Group 3); Philosophy of Religion (Group 3); Philosophy of Mathematics (Group 2); General Philosophy of Science (Group 2); Philosophy of Social Science (Group 3); Philosophy of Cognitive Science (Group 2); Decision, Rational Choice, and Game Theory (Group 2); Philosophy of Mathematics (Group 2); Mathematical Logic (Group 2); Ethics (Group 2); Metaethics (Group 3); Political Philosophy (Group 2); Philosophy of Art (Group 2); Medieval Philosophy (Group 3); 18th Century Early Modern Philosophy (Group 3); 20th Century Continental Philosophy (Group 3).

The results of the 2011 PGR are testament to the particular strength in depth of Philosophy at Oxford: no other department in the survey appeared more times than Oxford (25) in one of the top three subject groups.

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