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2007 Philip Leverhulme Prize

Oliver Pooley wins 2007 Philip Leverhulme Prize

The Philosophy Faculty is delighted to announce that Dr Oliver Pooley (CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, Oriel College) is a winner of a 2007 Philip Leverhulme Prize. 

The Philip Leverhulme Prize awards £70,000 to internationally renowned scholars whose future contributions are held to be of extremely high promise. The prizes are awarded in five selected disciplines; in 2007 a total of 26 prizes were awarded, of which six were in the field of ‘Philosophy and Ethics’. 

Dr Pooley plans to use the money to pursue two projects.  One concerns the implications of relativistic physics for the philosophy of time.  He wishes explore how subjects with our kind of temporal experience can be inhabitants of a relativistic block universe.  The other project concerns the notion of "background independence" in the context of  classical and quantum gravity, and the emergence of background-dependent theories from a background-independent theory.

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