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New Work on the Philosophy of Leibniz

Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Mansfield College, Oxford
Sat. 16--Sun. 17 March, 2013

Attendance by registration, all welcome.

Registration fee £15 (includes sandwich lunch on Sat. 16 th and refreshments throughout)
Free for members of Oxford University

Please contact: if you wish to attend

Saturday, March 16

9.00-9.45 - Coffee

“Primary matter, primitive passive force and creaturely limitation in Leibniz.”
Maria Rosa Antognazza (King's College, London) 

"Leibniz and prime matter."
Shane Duarte (Stanford)

11.45-12.15 – Break

“ Leibniz and Pascal.”
(Ohad Nachtomy, Fordham/ Bar Ilan )

1.15-2.30 - LUNCH

"Leibniz and experiments.”
(Ann-Lise Rey, Lille /IAS Princeton)

"From Leibniz to Du Chatelet: vis viva, metaphysics and physics."
Karen Detlefsen (U. Pennsylvania) and Andrew Janiak (Duke)

4.30-5.00 - Break

"Reason, cause and ground in Leibniz's metaphysics."
Brandon Look (U. Kentucky)

Sunday 17 March

9.00-9.30 -- Coffee

"Leibniz and Galileo on the principle of cardinal equality."
Samuel Levey (Dartmouth)

“Are mere occasions enough for a Malebranchean theodicy? - A Leibnizian reaction.”
Sukjae Lee (Seoul National University)

11.30-11.50 – Break

"Leibniz and the problem of esoteric philosophy."
John Whipple (U. Illinois, Chicago)

“Leibnizian bodies: Phenomena, aggregates of monads, or both?”
Stephen Puryear (NC State)

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