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John Locke Lecture 2012
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New Insights and Directions in Epistemology

Oxford University 09/2012 - 08/2015

This project aims to bring recent developments in epistemology to bear on topics in the philosophy of religion in a way that will open up new channels of research in religious epistemology. The project is centered around, but not limited to, interesting and novel applications developing out of six main topics: (i) contextualism and pragmatic encroachment, (ii) safety and knowledge, (iii) epistemic defeat, (iv) testimony, (v) formal epistemology, and (vi) etiology of belief.

The project ( will be led by John Hawthorne and will involve 3 postdoctoral researchers, 3 PhD students, 22 visiting research fellowships, 9 public lectures, 4 roundtable discussions, 6 workshops, and 1 major international conference.

This project, valued at 1.3 million GBP, has been made possible by the generous support of the John Templeton Foundation.

Further information about the Postdoctoral Fellowships can be found here, and details of the studentships can be found here.

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