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Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship

The Faculty is delighted to announce that John Hyman, Professor of Aesthetics and Fellow of The Queenís College, has been awarded a Major Research Fellowship by The Leverhulme Trust. The award will be held for two years from October 2010. Leverhulme Major Research Fellowships are designed to enable distinguished researchers to devote themselves to a single research project of outstanding originality and significance. Further details about the scheme can be found on The Leverhulme Trustís website

The title of Professor Hymanís research project is After the Fall: Action and Cognition in Human Life. The philosophy of action and epistemology have opened out dramatically as the orthodoxies and agendas set in place in the 1960s have been set aside. After the Fall defends an original approach to thinking about action and cognition, replacing a story about sequences of mental and physical events with a story about human agents and their distinctive abilities and causal powers, and cutting across traditional boundaries between philosophy of action, epistemology and philosophy of mind. The heart of the project is a series of chapters about the nature and value of knowledge, and its place in human life.

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