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Five new postholders to join the Faculty in new academic year

The Faculty of Philosophy is delighted to announce the appointment of five new postholders, each with a different college association, who will join the Faculty in the new academic year.

William McAskill

Will McAskill (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Lincoln College) is currently a Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He works mostly in moral philosophy, in particular on moral uncertainty and on effective altruism. He has published papers in Ethics and Ethical Theory and Moral Practice  and his book, Doing Good Better (Penguin Random House/Guardian Faber) will be published in August. For more information see

Andreas Mogensen

Andreas Mogensen (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Jesus College), who joins us from a Prize Fellowship at All Souls, took his BA at Cambridge and BPhil and DPhil at Oxford. His research is mainly in moral philosophy, though his interests also include metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of biology; his publications include papers in Analysis and Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. For more information, see

Paul Elbourne

Paul Elbourne (Professor of the Philosophy of Language and Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Magdalen College) is currently Professor of Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London, and has held posts at, inter alia, Manchester and NYU. Educated at Oxford and at MIT, he has published three books - Definite Descriptions (OUP 2013), Meaning: A Slim Guide to Semantics (OUP 2011), and Situations and Individuals (MIT Press, 2005). He works mostly on natural language semantics and the philosophy of language, and occasionally on Indo-European comparative philology.

Dominic Scott

Dominic Scott (Professor of Philosophy and Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Lady Margaret Hall). Working mainly in ancient Greek philosophy, Scott has published extensively on Plato, Aristotle and the Hellenistics, including  Plato’s Meno (CUP, 2006) and Recollection and Experience (CUP, 1995). His third book, Levels of Argument: a Comparative Study of Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (OUP), was published this year. As well as his work in ancient philosophy, he also has interests in contemporary ethics and philosophy of law, especially intellectual property. With a PhD in Classics from the University of Cambridge, Scott was a Fellow of Clare College, and a Lecturer in the Cambridge Faculty of Philosophy before moving on to posts at the University of Virginia and the University of Kent. 

Luca Castagnoli

Luca Castagnoli (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellow in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Oriel College). After undergraduate work at Bologna and UC Berkeley, Castagnoli took his PhD at Cambridge, in 2005 and was Lumley Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, until he joined Durham University where he is currently Senior Lecturer. Castagnoli’s research interests lie in ancient dialectic and logic, ancient epistemology and scepticism, and ancient conceptions of memory and learning. In addition to his monograph Ancient Self-Refutation (CUP 2010), he has published articles on (among other things) Protagoras, Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics. He is currently co-authoring Ancient Logic (with Paolo Fait), and editing The Cambridge Companion to Ancient LogicGreek Memories (with Paola Ceccarelli), and Ancient Fallacies (with Valentina Di Lascio). His next major research project is a monograph on ancient philosophers on memory, recollection and forgetting. 



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