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CUF Lecturership at Lincoln College

The Faculty is delighted to announce the appointment, with effect from 1 September 2010, of Professor Cécile Fabre to a CUF Lecturership and Tutorial Fellowship in Philosophy at Lincoln College.

Cécile Fabre received her first degree from La Sorbonne, and moved to Britain in 1992 to take a Masters in Political Philosophy from the University of York, and a DPhil in Oxford. She is currently Chair in Political Theory at the University of Edinburgh, a post to which she was elected in 2007, following a seven-year stint at the London School of Economics. She has published widely on rights and justice, and is currently completing the first volume of a two-volume monograph, for OUP, on the ethics of war. Her appointment strengthens the Faculty’s existing group of distinguished scholars with research interests in political and moral philosophy, which includes John Broome, Krister Bykvist, Roger Crisp, Edward Harcourt, Alison Hills, Stephen Mulhall, Julian Savulescu, John Tasioulas, and Ralph Wedgwood.

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