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British Academy Research Development Award

The Philosophy Faculty is delighted to announce that John Tasioulas (CUF Lecturer in Philosophy at Corpus Christi College) has won a British Academy Research Development Award. The award will fund four terms of research leave (Hilary Term 2009 and Michaelmas Term 2009 to Trinity Term 2010).

Dr Tasioulas’ project is entitled The idea of human rights: from morality to law and is intended as a contribution to both moral philosophy and the burgeoning field of the philosophy of international law. Its core will consist in the articulation and defence of a new version of an interest-based and pluralistic account of human rights, one that is superior to traditional consequentialist and deontological theories of human rights, and gives a perspicuous account of the respective contributions of individual interests and the common good in the justification of human rights. Making the case for this theory will partly consist in showing how it enables us to address in a satisfactory way a variety of problems that beset the human rights culture: the identification of human rights, the delimitation of right-holders and the allocation of correlative duties, the resolution of practical conflicts involving human rights, the anxieties that supposed human rights are culturally ‘parochial’ or inconsistent with legitimate claims to self-governance on the part of independent political communities, and certain insufficiently studied questions concerning the inter-relations between the morality of human rights and the international law of human rights.

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