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Image of statue courtesy of the Natural History Museum, Oxford
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2014 Lauener Prize

The Faculty is delighted to learn that the 2014 Lauener Prize for up-and-coming Philosophers has been awarded to Dr Corine Besson (Sussex).  Corine read the BPhil and DPhil at Oxford, and worked at Oxford and at Birkbeck before joining Sussex.  Her work is in philosophy of language and logic. 

The Lauener Prizes have as their objective “to highlight exemplary contemporary philosophical oeuvres, and thus to encourage and support young talent to consistently break new ground in analytical philosophy”, and previous winners of Lauener Prizes include Ruth Barcan Marcus, Hilary Putnam, and Michael Dummett.  We are most pleased to note the recognition accorded to Corine’s work.

Corine Besson



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