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Prof Susanne Bobzien

Professor of Philosophy; Senior Research Fellow
All Souls College

All Souls College
Oxford; OX1 4AL

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Susanne Bobzien

Research Interests

Contemporary philosophy - philosophy of logic and language, vagueness, paradoxes

History of philosophy - ancient philosophy from Aristotle to Boethius, with focus on logic, philosophy of language, and theories of determinism, freedom & moral responsibility


2002-2013 Professor of Philosophy, then Senior Research Scholar, Yale University

1993-2002 CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford

1990-2002 Official Fellow and Praelector in Philosophy, The Queen’s College, Oxford

1989-1990 Tutor and Fellow in Philosophy (3 year appointment), Balliol College, Oxford

Recent Publications

Contemporary philosophy

  1. Higher-order Vagueness and Borderline Nestings – a Persistent Confusion, Analytic Philosophy (formerly Philosophical Books) 54.1, 2013, 1-43.

  2. If it’s Clear, then it’s Clear that it’s Clear, or is it? – Higher-order Vagueness and the S4 Axiom, in: K. Ierodiakonou / B. Morison (eds), Episteme, etc., Oxford: OUP 2012, 189-212.

  3. In Defense of True Higher-Order Vagueness, Synthese 180, 2011, 317-35.

  4. Higher-order Vagueness, Radical Unclarity, and Absolute Agnosticism, Philosophers’ Imprint 10, no.10, 2010.

History of philosophy

  1. Sextus on Time: Notes on Sceptical Method and Doxographical Transmission ’, in: K. Algra / K. Ierodiakonou (eds), Sextus Empiricus on Ancient Physics, Cambridge: CUP, expected 2013. (forthcoming).

  2. Found in Translation: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics 3. 5, 1113b7-8, and its Reception’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 45, 2013, 103-148.

  3. How to give someone Horns - Paradoxes of Presupposition in Antiquity’, Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 15, 2012, 159-84.

  4. The Combinatorics of Stoic Conjunction’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 40, 2011, 157-88.

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