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Prof Roger Crisp

Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
St Anne's College

St Anne's College

Research Interests

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Roger Crisp

Career & Education

1979-83 BA in Lit. Hum. (Classics) at Oxford
1983-5 B.Phil
1985-8 D.Phil
1986-7 Junior Lecturer in Philosophy, Magdalen College, Oxford
1987-9 Lecturer in Philosophy, St Anne’s College, Oxford
1988-9 Lecturer in Philosophy, Hertford College, Oxford
1989-91 British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Honorary Junior Research Fellow, University College, Oxford

Publications: Book

  1. Reasons and the Good (Clarendon Press) 2006

Publications: Articles

  1. ‘Hume on Virtue, Utility, and Morality’, in S. Gardiner (ed.), Virtue Ethics, Old and New: 159-78, 2005.

  2. ‘Values, Reasons, and the Structure of Justification: How to Avoid Passing the Buck’, Analysis 65.285: 80-85, 2005.

  3. ‘How to Allocate Health Care Resources: QALYs or the Virtues?’ [in Japanese], Journal of Death and Life Studies 6: 147-56, 2005.

  4. ‘Aristotle on Greatness of Soul’, in R. Kraut (ed.), Blackwell Guide to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: 158-78, 2006.

This is just a sample of recent publications. A full list is available as a PDF file

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