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John Locke Lecture 2012
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Dr Michail Peramatzis


Associate Professor & Hinton Clarendon Fellow in Philosophy
Worcester College

Worcester College
Oxford OX1 2HB
United Kingdom

College webpage

Research Interests

Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Epistemology,
Logic, Psychology; Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemology.
Language, Knowledge and Reality. Philosophy of Science.

Career & Education

2011- Hinton Clarendon Fellow & Associate Professor in Philosophy, Worcester College & Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford
2010-2011 Lecturer in Philosophy, Queen's University, Belfast
2006-2010 Junior Research Fellowship, Christ Church, University of Oxford
2002-2006 D.Phil. Thesis, Christ Church, University of Oxford. Thesis Title: “An Aristotelian Problem Concerning First Principles and Substances”
2000-2002 Hellenic Navy
1998-2000 Master’s in Philosophy and History of Science, University of Athens, Greece
1993-1997 First Degree in Classics and History of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece

Michail Peramatzis



Priority in Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2011.

Journal Articles/Book Chapters:

‘What is a Form in Aristotle’s Hylomorphism?’, History of Philosophy Quarterly 32.3 July (2015).

‘Sameness, Definition, and Essence’, Studia Philosophica Estonica (2014) 7.3: Special Aristotle Issue, 1–26.

‘Aristotle on Truth-Bearers’ (co-authored with David Charles), forthcoming Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 50, 2016.

‘Aristotle on Metaphysics’ in Simons P. (ed.), Metaphysics: The Key Thinkers, Continuum, forthcoming, 2016.

‘Grounding the Most Basic Logical Principles: Comments on James Lennox’s “Ayn Rand and Aristotle on Axioms and their Validation” ’ in Gotthelf A. & Lennox J. (eds.), Ayn Rand and Aristotle: Philosophical and Historical Studies, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, forthcoming 2016.

‘Aristotle on Knowledge & Belief: Posterior Analytics I.33’ in Salmieri G. (ed.), Knowing and Coming to Know: Essays on Aristotle’s Epistemology, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2013/2014.

‘Matter in Scientific Definitions in Aristotle’ in Oxford Handbooks Online. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013-4.

‘Aristotle’s “Logical” Level of Metaphysical Investigation’ in Christina Thörnqvist (ed.), The Reception of Aristotle in the Middle Ages: The Works on Logic and Metaphysics, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, forthcoming, 2016.

‘Science and Metaphysics in Aristotle’s Philosophy’, Metascience, 2012.

‘Essence and Per Se Predication in Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z.4’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 39, 2010, pp. 121-182.

‘Aristotle’s Notion of Priority in Nature and Substance’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, vol. 35, 2008, pp. 187-247.

‘Aristotle’s Metaphysics Z.4: Criteria for Definition and Essence and Their Relation to the Posterior Analytics A.4.’ [in Greek] Deukalion, 24/1, June 2006, pp. 5-30.

Book Reviews

Barnes J., Method and Metaphysics: Essays in Ancient Philosophy I, Mind, 123 (489):183-189 (2014).

De Haas F., Leunissen M., & Martijn M. (eds.), Interpreting Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics in Late Antiquity and Beyond, The Classical Review, 65/2, 2015.

Future Publication Projects

‘Essence and Necessity in Aristotle’s Metaphysics’, in progress.

‘Conceptions of Truth in Plato’s Sophist’, in progress.

‘Aristotle on the Unity of Metaphysics as a Science’, in progress.

Posterior Analytics II.11: Middle Term and Final Cause’, in progress.

The Structure and Argument of the Central Books: Aristotle’s Metaphysics ZHΘ, book-length monograph, co-authored with David Charles, in progress.

‘Aristotle’s conception of Practical Wisdom & Virtue: Nicomachean Ethics VI.13’, in progress.

‘Physics II.2 and Posterior Analytics I.13: Natural Form & Subordinate Sciences’, in progress.

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