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Dr Anil Gomes

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Trinity College
CUF Lecturer in Philosophy

Trinity College
Oxford, OX1 3BH


Research Interests

Philosophy of Mind, Kant’s Metaphysics

Personal website

Anil Gomes

Career & Education

2008-2011: Lecturer in Philosophy, Birkbeck College, London
2007-2008: Researcher, Ministry of Defence
2001-2001: Parliamentary Researcher, Labour MP
2004-2007: D.Phil in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford
2002-2004: B.Phil in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford
1998-2001: BA (Hons) in PPE, University College, Oxford



  1. 'Kant on Perception: Naïve Realism, Non-conceptualism and the B-Deduction', Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming)

  2. 'Iris Murdoch on Art, Ethics and Attention', British Journal of Aesthetics 2013 53: 321-337 3.

  3. 'Kant and the Explanatory Role of Experience', Kant-Studien 2013 104: 277-300

  4. ‘Is There a Problem of Other Minds?’ Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 2011 111: 353-373

  5. ‘McDowell’s Disjunctivism and Other Minds’, Inquiry /2011 54 (3): 277-292

  6. ‘Is Kant’s Transcendental Deduction of the Categories Fit for Purpose?’ Kantian Review 2011 15 (2): 118-37

  7. ‘Other Minds and Perceived Identity’, Dialectica 2009 63: 219-230.

  8. ‘Goldie on the Virtues of Art’, The British Journal of Aesthetics 2009 49: 75-81

Copies available from personal website

Works in Progress

  1. 'Kantian Naïve Realism'

Please contact Anil Gomes for copies.


112. Philosophy of Kant. [Reading list]

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