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Philosophy Faculty Library
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Prof Cecilia Trifogli

University Lecturer in Medieval Philosophy
All Souls College

All Souls College
Oxford OX1 4AL

Research Interests

Reception of Aristotle’s philosophy in the Middle Ages; natural philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology in the Middle Ages.

Career & Education

1986 Laurea’ in Philosophy, University of Pisa
1995 ‘Laurea’ in Mathematics, University of Pisa
2001 Doctorate in Mathematics, University of Milan


  1. Oxford Physics in the Thirteenth Century , Brill 2000

  2. ‘Duns Scotus and the Medieval Debate about the Continuum‘, Medioevo 24 (2004), p. 233-266 .

  3. ‘Thomas Wylton against minimal times‘ , Early Science and Medicine 8 (2003), p. 404-417 .

  4. '‘Liber Tertius Physicorum Aristotelis, Repertorio delle Questioni, Commenti inglese ca. 1250-1270, Florence 2004‘

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