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John Locke Lecture 2012
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Prof Cecile Fabre

Senior Research Fellow
All Souls College

All Souls College
Oxford, OX1 4AL
United Kingdom

Personal Homepage:

Research Interests

Political Philosophy (especially theories of justice), Ethics, Legal Philosophy.
Current project: ethics of war.

Cecile Fabre


1989-1992 BA in History, University of La Sorbonne, Paris
1992-1993 MA in Political Philosophy, University of York
1993-1997 D.Phil in Politics
1997-1998 Lavoisier Scholar, Maison Francaise/University of Oxford
1998-2000 Prize Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford
2000-2007 Lecturer and Senior Lecturer, London School of Economics
2007-2010 Chair in Political Theory, University of Edinburgh
2011 Fellow of the British Academy



  1. Social Rights Under the Constitution - Government and the Decent Life (Oxford University Press, 2000)
  2. Whose Body is it Anyway? Justice and the Integrity of the Person (Oxford University Press, 2006. Ppbk ed. 2008.)
  3. Justice in a Changing World (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2007)
  4. Cosmopolitan War (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)

Recent Articles

  1. ‘Mandatory Rescue Killings’, Journal of Political Philosophy 15 (2007): 363-84.
  2. ‘Cosmopolitanism, Legitimate Authority and the Just War’, International Affairs 84 (2008): 963-76.
  3. ‘Permissible Rescue Killings’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 109 (2009): 149-64.
  4. ‘In Defence of Mercenarism’, British Journal of Political Science 40 (2010): 539-559.
  5. ‘Guns, Food, and Liability to attack in war’, Ethics 120 (2009): 36-63.
  6. ‘Distributive Justice and Freedom: Cohen on Money and Labour’, Utilitas 24 (2012): 214-36
  7. ‘Internecine War Killings’, Utilitas – Special issue on J. McMahan’s theory of war (accepted and in press, forthcoming Spring 2012.)

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