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Dr Anita Avramides

Reader in Philosophy of Mind, University of Oxford
Southover Manor Trust Fellow in Philosophy, St. Hilda’s College

St Hilda's College
Cowley Place
Oxford OX4 1DY

Research Interests

My latest work has concentrated on the question of our knowledge of other minds. I am looking to see if this is a well formed question. I hope to tie this work in with issues concerned with knowledge of one’s own mind (again the question of whether it is correct to speak of knowledge here is relevant to my work). My work on other minds has led me to look at the history of this issue. I also, continue to maintain an interest in issues connected with Grice’s account of meaning.

Anita Avramides


I have served as B-Phil. Coordinator for the Philosophy Faculty and as Tutor for Graduates at St Hilda’s College.


I teach a wide range of undergraduate philosophy, in particular: the philosophy of mind, the history of philosophy (esp. Descartes and the empiricists), moral philosophy, and philosophy of language


D. Phil, Somerville and The Queen’s Colleges, Oxford
(My D. Phil. Supervisor was John McDowell)
M. Phil. University College, London
BA, Oberlin College

Posts Held

Southover Manor Trust Fellow in Philosophy, St Hilda’s College Oxford
Full time Lecturer, Queen’s College, Oxford
Visiting Lecturer, Bedford College, London
Also, part-time Lectureships at Balliol College, Exeter College and Oriel College, Oxford


Meaning and Mind: An Examination of a Gricean Account of Language , MIT Bradford Books
Other Minds , Routledge, Problems of Philosophy Series
Women of Ideas ( ed.), Duckworth

Selected Articles

Thomas Nagel: The View from Nowhere” (2006), in Central Works of Philosophy, J. Shand (ed.), Acumen: 227 – 246.

 “The Bigger Picture” (2006), in Gerhard Preyer and Georg Peter (eds.), Facts, Slongshots and Anti-Representationalism: on Stephen Neale’s Facing Facts,

Grice, Davidson and the Social Aspects of Meaning” (2001), in Paul Grice’s Heritage, G Cosenza (ed.), Rome: Brepols: 115 – 139.

Davidson and the New Skeptical Problem”(1999), in D. Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge, U.M. Zeglen (ed.), London & New York: Routledge: 136 – 154.


“Other Minds”, Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind, ed. B. McLaughlin & A Beckermann ( Oxford University Press)

“Skepticism about Knowledge of Other Minds”, The Routledge Companion to Epistemology, ed. S. Bernecker & D . Pritchard

“Abiding Intentions”, The Philosophy of Stephen Schiffer, ed. G. Ostertag (MIT)


I have served as Junior Proctor for Oxford University, and have been a member of a range of University Committees. I have served on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as many other Faculty Committees. I am presently Vice Principal of St Hilda’s College.


From time to time I referee for various philosophy journals and publishers. I give invited papers several times each year at Universities in Britain and abroad. I have participated in an Anglo-Australian-Chinese Philosophy Summer School at the University of Chengdu, in China. On occasion I give papers to A-level pupils and answer their questions about studying philosophy.

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