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Prof Alexander Paseau

Associate Professor in Philosophy
Stuart Hampshire Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Wadham College

Wadham College
Oxford OX1 3PN

Research Interests

My research ranges widely over mathematical philosophy. I have published on topics in philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic, mathematical logic, philosophical logic, formal epistemology and formal metaphysics. I am currently working on several papers in these areas and on three books: an anthology of articles in the philosophy of mathematics to be published by Routledge in early 2017; a research monograph on non-deductive reasoning in mathematics; and an advanced introduction to the philosophy of mathematics with the title What is a Number?

Specific interests include:

  • indispensability arguments
  • rigour in mathematics
  • naturalism
  • inductive reasoning
  • philosophy of set theory
  • logical consequence
  • logical constants
  • formalisation
  • the metaphysics of properties
  • modal logic and metaphysics
  • the a priori
  • second-order logic

Alexander Paseau

Career & Education

My undergraduate degree was in mathematics from Cambridge. Following a year of philosophy at Cambridge, I took the Oxford BPhil, returning to Cambridge for my PhD, supervised by Alex Oliver. I spent the year 2001 as a visiting graduate at Princeton, where I worked with Paul Benacerraf and was David Lewis’ last student. I then held a Junior Research Fellowship (post-doc) at Cambridge for three years before being appointed to my present post in 2005. More recently, I did a part-time MSc in economics. I was a Visiting Fellow at the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science in 2008 and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London in 2014. I held a Mind Association Research Fellowship in 2012, and as of October 2015 I am an Associate Editor of the journal MIND.


Outside philosophy and logic, my interests include languages. Born to a Belgian father (my surname is pronounced ‘Pazo’) and Greek mother and educated in continental Europe and England, I’m a native speaker of English, French and Greek. I also speak Italian and Spanish, have some German and Turkish, and read Latin and ancient Greek reasonably well. I support Manchester United from the armchair, am a quizzing enthusiast, and enjoy playing chess with fellow patzers.

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