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Dr Sophie Allen

Lecturer and Supernumerary Fellow
St Peterís College and Harris Manchester College

St Peterís College and Harris Manchester College
Oxford; OX1 2DL

Research Interests

Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Meta-Philosophy, Philosophical Methodology and Meta-Metaphysics

Career and Education

Sophie Allen gained an MA (Hons) at Glasgow University and her PhD at University College London. She has worked at several Oxford colleges since 2002 (including St Peterís, Magdalen, Worcester, Wadham and Harris Manchester), and has also been a departmental lecturer for the Philosophy Faculty.

Recent Publications

  1. 'What matters in (naturalized) metaphysics?' Essays in Philosophy 13, 2012.

  2. 'Can Theoretical Underdetermination Support the Indeterminacy of Translation?' Revisiting Quineís Real Ground. Philosophy 85, 2010.

  3. 'The Definition of Consciousness: Is triviality or falsehood inevitable?' Journal of Consciousness Studies 16 No. 5, 2009.

  4. 'Whatís the point in Scientific Realism if we donít know whatís really there?' Philosophy of Science, Anthony OíHear (ed.), (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007).

  5. 'A Space Oddity: McGinn on Consciousness and Space.'' Journal of Consciousness Studies 13 No. 4, 2006.

  6. 'Disorder at the Border: Realism, Science and the Defense of Naturalism.' Philo 7, No. 2, 2004.

  7. 'Deepening the Controversy over Metaphysical Realism.' Philosophy 77, 2002.

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