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Magdalen College
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Dr Dani Rabinowitz

Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy, Somerville College
New Insights in Religious Epistemology

New Insights in Religious Epistemology
Faculty of Philosophy; Radcliffe Humanities; Woodstock Road; Oxford; OX2 6GG

Research Interests

Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Judaism

Dani Rabinowitz

Career and Education

BPhil (Oxford 2008)
DPhil (Oxford 2013)

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Recent Publications

  1. “Knowledge and False Belief.” In: Klein, P. (ed.) "Explaining Knowledge: New Essays on the Gettier Problem." Oxford University Press (with John Hawthorne). Forthcoming.

  2. “The Safety Condition for Knowledge,” Internet Encyclopaedia for Philosophy (2011)

  3. “Knowledge and the Objection to Religious Belief from Cognitive Science,” European Journal of Philosophy of Religion 2011 (3): 67-83.

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