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Image of statue courtesy of the Natural History Museum, Oxford
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Dr Dan Cavedon-Taylor

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy
Brasenose College

Brasenose College
Brasenose College; Radcliffe Square; Oxford; OX1 4AJ

Personal webpage 


Research Interests

Aesthetics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind 



Mind and Perception

“Touching Voids” – Forthcoming in Review of Philosophy and Psychology

“Kind Properties and the Metaphysics of Perception” – Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 2015

“Seeing and Retinal Stability” – Philosophical Psychology 2013

“Perceptual Content and Sensorimotor Expectations” – The Philosophical Quarterly 2011

“Still Epiphenomenal Qualia” – Philosophia 2009



“Photographic Phenomenology as Cognitive Phenomenology” – British Journal of Aesthetics 2015

“Belief, Experience and the Act of Picture Making – Philosophical Explorations 2014

“Photographically Based Knowledge” – Episteme 2013

“The Space of Seeing-In” – British Journal of Aesthetics 2011

“In Defence of Fictional Incompetence” – Ratio 2010

“The Epistemic Status of Photographs and Paintings” – Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 2009



The First Sense by M. Fulkerson and Does Perception Have Content? by B. Brogaard (ed.) – The Philosophical Quarterly 2015

The Aesthetic Mind, by E. Schellekens and P. Goldie (eds.) – Mind 2013

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