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Dr Lucy Campbell

Associate Faculty Member / Analysis Student
Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Philosophy

Background & Research Interests

My research interests are mainly in the philosophy of - and especially the epistemology of - mind and action. I am interested in why our knowledge of many of our mental states, and of our own intentional actions, seems to display 'unusual' properties such as first-person authority and epistemic ungroundedness. My PhD argued that when it comes to our knowledge of our intentional actions, these features are best understood by rejecting the assumption that knowledge always involves belief. Building on an interpretation of Anscombe's (1957) 'Intention', I argued that the psychological component of our knowledge of our own intentional actions is not belief but intention.

During my Analysis Studentship (2016-17) I will investigate whether dropping the assumption that knowledge always involves belief can also help us understand psychological self-knowledge - our knowledge of our own current mental states.

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