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Dr Matthew Benton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Somerville College
New Insights in Religious Epistemology

New Insights in Religious Epistemology
Faculty of Philosophy; Radcliffe Humanities; Woodstock Road; Oxford; OX2 6GG

Research Interests

Epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion

Personal webpage

Matt Benton

Career and Education

Ph.D., Rutgers
M.A., Yale

Recent Publications

  1. 'Gricean Quality', Noûs, forthcoming.

  2. 'Expert Opinion and Second-Hand Knowledge,' Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, forthcoming.

  3. 'Evil and Evidence' (with John Hawthorne and Yoaav Isaacs), Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming.

  4.  'Iffy Predictions and Proper Expectations' (with John Turri), Synthese 191 (2014): 1857-1866.

  5. 'Believing on Authority', European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming.

  6. 'Knowledge Norms,' Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2014.

  7. 'Dubious Objections from Iterated Conjunctions,' Philosophical Studies 162 (2013): 355-358.

  8. 'Assertion, Knowledge, and Predictions,' Analysis 72 (2012): 102-105.

  9. 'Two More for the Knowledge Account of Assertion,' Analysis 71 (2011): 684-687.

  10. 'The Modal Gap: the Objective Problem of Lessing's Ditch(es) and Kierkegaard's Subjective Reply,' Religious Studies 42 (2006): 27-44.


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