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Ancient Philosophy Workshop
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Ancient Philosophy Workshop

This workshop (Thursdays, 16.30-18.00, Ryle Room, 1st Floor, Radcliffe Humanities building, Woodstock Road.) offers an opportunity to discuss work in progress by speakers from within and outside Oxford. Members of the Faculty, students, and visitors welcome. For details please contact the convenor Terence Irwin (Keble) or Michail Peramatzis (Worcester).

Hilary Term 2017

Week 1 (19 Jan) Simona Aimar (UCL). Chair: Michail Peramatzis [Abstract]

Week 2 (26 Jan) Eirini Viltanioti (Wolfson). Chair: Jason Carter [Abstract]

Week 3 (2 Feb)

Week 4 (9 Feb) Terry Irwin (Keble). Chair: Lindsay Judson

Week 5 (16 Feb) Lesley Brown (Somerville). Chair: Guus Eelink [Abstract]

Week 6 (23 Feb) Naly Thaler (Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Chair: Luca Castagnoli [Abstract]

Week 7 (2 Mar)

Week 8 (9 Mar) Richard Kraut (Northwestern), 'Kalon, Sumpheron, Hêdu in the Nicomachean Ethics' Ackrill Lecture (17.00, Brasenose, Lecture Room XI)

Week 8 (Friday 10 Mar, 11.30am) Vanessa de Harven (U Mass, Amherst). Chair: Anna Marmodoro


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