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Placement Scheme

General information

The Faculty operates a Graduate Placement Service which students are eligible to use from the final year of their DPhil until they secure a tenure track/permanent position.

The Placement Service is presided over by a member of the Faculty who is appointed as the Placement Officer and administrated by the Graduate Studies Assistant.

The Placement Officer provides advice and assistance to the Placement Service users on the preparation of their CV and other application materials, as well as running Practise Job Talk Seminars and Practise Job Interviews.

The Placement Officer for the academic year 2015-16 is Dr Lizzie Fricker (

The Placement Service will also assist students by holding their references on file and distributing them, at the studentís request, to universities and other academic institutions in support of applications that the student has made.  Additionally, the Placement Officer will look over their complete dossier of references to make sure that they are all of a suitable standard and provide feedback on their relative strength so that the student can be confident of submitting the strongest ones on those occasions where all cannot be used.

Finally, the Placement Officer also attends the annual APA Eastern Division meeting to support candidates who wish to enter the US job market.  Some limited financial support is made available to students who wish to attend the meeting, and students can also apply to the DGS for modest funds for travel to conferences and workshops.

The Faculty has an outstanding placement record. In 2014-15 alone, Oxford graduates were appointed to posts at the universities of Chicago, Toronto, Leeds, Exeter, Zurich, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and CalTech. A number have also obtained positions within Oxford itself, including two associate professorships and one departmental lecturer position. The Placement Record shows an overview of the Facultyís placements over the last few years.

Information for current students

The DPhil Seminar

The DPhil Seminar at Oxford University provides a forum for Graduate students of the Faculty of Philosophy to present and discuss thesis chapters, and workshop papers that are to be submitted for publication. The dissertation speaker series has been organised since January 2012. In October 2014 the publishing workshop component has been introduced, to alternate biweekly with the speaker series. For further details, please check:


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