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Lecture Room at RH
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Questions in Aristotle’s Metaphysics

Friday May 14 – Sunday May 16 (wk 3)

Friday May 14th

2-3.45pm: Frank Lewis (University of South California) ‘An Essence is Just-What a This: Negotiating a Way through Metaphysics Z.4’.

4.15-6.00pm: Lucas Angioni (University of Campinas, Brazil) ‘Definition and Explanation at Three Different Junctures of Metaphysics Z (Z.4, Z.12; Z.17)’.

Saturday May 15th

9.15-11.00am: Kei Chiba (Hokkaido University, Japan) ‘Theory of Inquiry and Demonstration of What-It-Is in Posterior Analytics 2.10’.

11.15-1pm: Mary Louise Gill (Brown) ‘Unity and Definition in Metaphysics H.6 and Z.12’.

1-2pm Sandwich Lunch (provided).

2.15-4pm: Michail Peramatzis (Christ Church, Oxford) ‘Aristotelian Form as Essentially Enmattered’.

4.30-6.15pm: Stephen Menn (McGill) ‘The Snub’.

Sunday May 16th

9.15-11.00am: Alan Code (Rutgers) ‘Substances and Unified Definitions’.

11.15-1pm: General Discussion (led by David Charles, David Bronstein and Laura Castelli).

 All meetings will be held in the Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College.

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The conference is supported by the British Academy/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science andthe Oxford Faculty of Philosophy.

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