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Lecture Room at RH
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Philosophy of Probability Mini Conference

University of Oxford, Faculty of Philosophy

Thursday, September 24 Friday, September 25, 2009

The Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford presents a mini conference on the philosophy of probability. The topic is taken broadly, encompassing among other things Bayesian epistemology, the foundations of statistics, decision theory, and physical probability. Speakers at the conference will be:

  • John Cusbert (ANU), 'Deference at a Distance'
  • Hilary Greaves (Oxford), TBA
  • Aidan Lyon (Sydney), 'Eighteen Objections to Best-System Analyses of Chance'
  • Mark McBride (Oxford), 'Two Puzzles, Properties of Confirmation, and Dogmatism'
  • Huw Price (Sydney), 'The Lion, the "Which", and the Wardrobe: Was Lewis a Closet One-Boxer?'
  • Katie Steele (LSE), 'Stopping rules "matter" to Bayesians too'
  • Grant Reaber (Aberdeen/Northern Institute of Philosophy), 'Formalising Deference'

The conference poster is available here (1MB pdf).

Conference Venue and Programme

The conference will be held in the Lecture Room in the Faculty of Philosophy at 10 Merton St.

The programme, with timetable and abstracts, is here (1.1MB pdf).

Precise times appear in the programme, but the conference will start around 13.00 on September 24th and run to 13.00 September 25th. There will be a conference dinner on the Thursday evening; please contact the organiser if you would like to attend.

Registration and Attendence

Registration is free and the conference is open to all, though prior notice of your attendence is required to aid in planning for numbers.

For those attending from outside of Oxford, there are a limited number of relatively inexpensive rooms available in college on the Thursday evening. If you would like to explore this possibility, please get in touch with the organiser as soon as possible, and certainly before September 10th.

Contact Details and Further Information

For further information about the conference, or to register your planned attendance, please contact the organiser, Antony Eagle,

Complete details about the conference are in the programme. Any updates will be posted here:

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