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Lecture Room at RH
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Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

Date: Mon 14th - Tues 15th March, 2016

Venue: Mansfield College, Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TF

Preregistration is requested for number planning, but not essential. A small charge (not more than £5) may be made on the day in order to cover refreshment costs. Light lunch will be available for purchase in the College café both days.

There will be a conference dinner on Monday 14th March at Mansfield College. Preregistration and prepayment for dinner IS ESSENTIAL (cost will be approx. £25).

To register for the conference and/or dinner, please contact  

Schedule of Talks

Monday March 14

9.00-9.30 - Registration and coffee  

9.30-10.30 "Condillac on the Acquisition of Cognitive Habits." - Jeremy Dunham (Sheffield)

10.30-11.30 "Loving the Body, Loving the Soul: Conway’s Vitalist Critique of Cartesian and Morean Dualism." - Julia Bocherding (Yale)

11.30-12.00 - Break

12.00-1.00 "Leibniz on Apperception." - Christian Barth (Humboldt)

1.00-2.30 - LUNCH

2.30-3.30 "Mary Shepherd's Theory of Causal Necessity: The Metaphysics." - Martha Brandt Bolton (Rutgers)

3.30-4.30 "'The Only Foundation for the Demonstrations of ... the Chymist': Natural Kinds in Mary Shepherd¹s Theory of Causation." - Antonia LoLordo (Virginia)

4.30-5.00 - Break

5.00-6.00 "Descartes and the Problematic Case of the Origin of Sensory Ideas." - Rafaella de Rosa (Rutgers)

Tuesday March 15

9.00-9.30 -- Coffee  

9.30-10.30 "Shaftesbury’s Philosophy of Mind." - Ursula Renz (Klagenfurt)

10.30-11.30 "Shaftesbury and Hume on the Self, Character, and Humanity." - Ruth Boeker (Melbourne)

11.30-12.00 - Break

12.00-1.00 "Adam Smith’s Double Standard?" - Olivia Bailey (Harvard)

1.00-2.30 - Lunch 

2.30-3.30 "Hobbes on the Signification of Moral Language." - Stewart Duncan (Florida)

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