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Nietzsche on Morality and the Affirmation of Life

Two-Day Conference at the University of Oxford

Dates: 13th & 14th November 2012

Venue: St Peter’s College, Oxford


13:30-14:00 Registration
14:00-15:30 Professor Simon May (King’s College London), “Is Nietzsche a Life-Affirmer?”
15:45-17:15: Dr Daniel Came (Oxford), “Affirmation and Horrendous Evil”
17:30-19:00: Professor Ken Gemes (Birkbeck & New College of the Humanities), “Nietzsche, Nihilism and the Paradox of Affirmation”


10:00-11:30 Professor Bernard Reginster (Brown), “The Will to Nothingness”
11:45-13:15 Professor Maudemarie Clark (UC Riverside & Colgate), “Saving the Will”
14:30-16:00 Professor Chris Janaway (Southampton), “Who—or what—says Yes to life?”
16:30-18:00 Professor Brian Leiter (Chicago), “The Truth is Terrible”

Registration fee (which includes refreshments): £15.00 (staff), £7.50 (students).

To reserve a place, please contact the conference organiser:

Dr Daniel Came
St Hugh's College
Oxford OX2 6LE

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