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Lecture Room at RH
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Limits of Dialectic?



Sunday September 8 (Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College):

14.–14.30: Coffee

Chair: Steffen Lund Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen

14.30–14.45: Introduction: Limits of Dialectic? Jakob Fink

14.45–15.45: Does the World Need another Paper on Aristotle’s Dialectic, or Not? Christof Rapp

15.45–16.45: Aristotle’s Methodology: The Place of Dialectic in his Intellectual System Kei Chiba

16.45–17.00: Coffee

17.00–18.00: Knowledge in the Topics Annamaria Schiaparelli

19.00: Dinner at QUOD (92–94 High St.)


Monday September 9 (Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College):

Chair: Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila, Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki

10.00–11.00: Aristotle on the Scope and Limits of Dialectic: Focus on Definition Robert Bolton

11.00–12.00: The Term ”dialektikos” in Books I and VIII of Aristotle's Topics Oliver Primavesi

12.00–13.00: Lunch

Chair: Jamie Dow, University of Leeds

13.00–14.00: Topoi: Theory and Practice Laura Castelli

14.00–14.20: Coffee

14.20–15.20: Peirastic Dialectic Paolo Fait

19.00: Dinner at Oriel College (Champneys Dining room)


Tuesday September 10 (Lecture Room XI, Brasenose College):

Chair: Jason Carter, Lincoln College, University of Oxford

10.00–11.00: On the Category of pros ti and Aristotle’s Dialectic Heine Hansen

11.00–12.00: Attacking Definitions in Topics 6: A Test Case Jakob Fink

12.00–13.00: Lunch

13.00–14.00: Limits of Dialectic: Prospects and Pitfalls David Charles

14.00–14.30: Coffee.

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