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Conscience and Moral Consciousness conference

7th June 2014, 9.30-5.45pm 

Radcliffe Humanities, Woodstock Road, Oxford

Plenary talks
Julia Driver (St. Louis): "Conscience and Meta-Cognition:  an Updated Humean Account"
Terry Irwin (Oxford): "Lying and Killing: conscience in principles, rules, and cases"

Further speakers:
Joshua Broggi (Edinburgh), Lorenzo Greco (Oxford), Carl Hildebrand (Oxford), Joshua Hordern (Oxford), Emre Kazim (King's College London), Hila Keren (SWLS L.A.), Franz Knappik (HU Berlin), Erasmus Mayr (Oxford), Liesbet Vanhaute (Antwerp)

The Conference

This interdisciplinary conference, which is organized by the TORCH Affections and Ethics network at Oxford University, brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines (philosophy, theology, politics, literary studies, psychology and others) who are interested in examining the role of conscience for our moral self-understanding. The 'voice of conscience' has not only been regarded as a central source of moral cognition by many philosophers and theologians, but has also been of persistent fascination for psychologically interested writers. In addition, conscience is widely attributed special normative significance with regard to legal and political issues in pluralistic societies. But the debates about these questions have often been led in parallel and without the necessary level of interconnection between the disciplines. The conference aims to cover a wide range of topics connected to conscience, in order to show how they bear upon each other and to further mutual understanding among the people participating in the different discourses.

Attendance and refreshments including lunch are free, but please register by sending an email to by the 5th June 2014 in order to guarantee a place.

The conference is supported by TORCH, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.
More details about the conference and the Oxford Affections and Ethics Network may be found at:

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