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Lecture Room at RH
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Conference on Aristotle's Hylomorphism

Organised with the financial support of the Oxford Philosophy Faculty, the Mind Association, and the Aristotelian Society

Venue: Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW

Dates: 2nd & 3rd June 2012


Saturday 2nd June 2012

9.45am: Laura Castelli (Oxford), ‘Definitions by Addition and Problems of Unity’.

11.30am: Oliver Primavesi (LMU Munich), ‘Issues in Metaphysics Z.5’.

2pm: James Lennox (Pittsburgh), ‘Aristotle on Respiration’.

4pm: Alan Code (Stanford), ‘Aristotle on Sleep’.


Sunday 3rd June 2012 

11.30am: Christof Rapp (LMU Munich), ‘ “Common to Body & Soul” in the De Motu Animalium’.

2pm: Michael Peramatzis (Oxford), ‘What Natural Forms are Not’.

4pm: Summing up session: Stephen Menn (Humboldt, Berlin) and David Charles (Oxford).


Note two related talks in weeks 6 & 7, Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College:

Monday May 28, 2-4pm: Lucas Angioni (Campinas), ‘The Snares of Hylomorphism in Metaphysics Z.5’.

Monday June 4, 11am-1pm: Kei Chiba (Hokkaido), ‘Potentiality & Actuality, and Their Relation to Matter & Form’.


Conference organisers :

David Charles, Alan Code, and Michael Peramatzis.


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