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Lecture Room at RH
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Aristotelian Metaphysics, Ancient and Modern

A conference in honour of Professor David Charles, on the occasion of his retirement

Venue: Harris Lecture Room, Oriel College, University of Oxford 

Saturday May 17th

9.30-11.00am: Cristof Rapp (Munich), ‘On some Hylomorphic Theories in Metaphysics H’. Chair: Terry Irwin (Oxford).
11.00-11.30am: Coffee break.
11.30-1.00pm: Thomas Johansen (Oxford), ‘Hypothetical Necessity in De Anima I.1’. Chair: Lindsay Judson (Oxford).
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch.
2.00-3.30pm: Stephen Williams (Oxford), ‘Analogy and Focality’. Chair: Ursula Coope (Oxford).
3.30-4.00pm: Coffee Break.
4.00-5.30pm: Justin Broackes (Brown), ‘Locke's Return to Aristotle: Substance and Essence in the Essay’. Chair: Christopher Shields (Oxford).

Sunday May 18th

11.00-11.30am: Coffee
11.30-1.00pm: Mary Louise Gill (Brown), ‘Two Versions of Hylomorphism in Aristotle's Metaphysics’. Chair: Paolo Fait (Oxford).
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch.
2.00-3.30pm: Michail Peramatzis (Oxford), ‘Questions in Aristotelian Hylomorphism’. Chair: Vasilis Karasmanis (Athens).

The conference is organised with the generous support of the Hinton Clarendon Fellowship research fund, Worcester College.

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