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Choosing a Book
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Undergraduate FAQs

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1. How may philosophy be studied at Oxford? 
2. What degrees courses are there for undergraduates? 
3. Is it possible to study philosophy as part of other courses?
4. Are there any specific prerequisites we look for in candidates who apply to study philosophy?

5. How is applying to Oxford different from other universities I might be considering?
6. How do I choose a college? 
7. What are we looking for from applicants for degrees involving philosophy at Oxford? 
8. Should I start reading philosophy before applying? 
9. Is there any advantage in having studied philosophy, or critical thinking, before applying?   
10. Is it a disadvantage having studied philosophy before applying?
11. What subjects would it be best to take at school, in preparation?
12. Do you like candidates to have taken extra qualifications, such as Advanced Extension Awards?
13. What about extra-curricular matters? Do you take extra-curricular activities into account?
14. What should I say in my Personal Statement?
15. Do you discriminate in favour of State-School or Independent applicants? Do you discriminate in favour of Home/EU or Overseas applicants?
16. Apart from the UCAS form, what other information do you request?
17. Why do you have entrance tests?
18. Why do you ask for submitted written work?
19. Do you care about spelling and grammar?
20. What should I read?
21. I’ve been invited for interview. What should I expect?
22. How do you arrive at decisions? Is it really the interview that counts most?
23. Is it possible to apply at any other time?
24. If I apply and get a place on my chosen degree, but then want to change course, how easy is that?

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