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Teaching Opportunities

The Faculty believes that it is important both professionally and personally for graduate research students to have opportunities to teach. For graduates seeking an academic career, teaching experience is crucial for getting jobs. For many graduate students, teaching is also an important supplement to their income.

The Faculty operates a number of schemes to help its research students to get relevant teaching experience:

  • The Graduate Teaching Scheme provides opportunities for graduates to work as Teaching Assistants (TAs) in class-based college teaching of 1st year undergraduates; each participant receives mentoring and feedback from the postholder for whom they are working as a TA. In addition to those arrangements, a number of graduate students are also employed each year in TA roles associated with two of the Faculty’s courses for which teaching is delivered by centrally-organized classes: the 1st year course, Elements of Deductive Logic; and the FHS course, Philosophical Logic.
  • The Graduate Lecturing Scheme gives graduates the chance to devise and deliver a series of four undergraduate lectures, with mentoring and feedback being provided by supervisors and by the Graduate Teaching Coordinator; the lectures are advertised on the Faculty’s lecture list. Proposals are invited each Trinity Term for the following year. Up to six of these proposals are selected by the Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Teaching Coordinator, bearing in mind the quality of the proposals, the relevance of the lectures for their intended undergraduate audience, and the desirability of avoiding duplication in the topics of these graduate-given lectures.
  • The Graduate Teaching Register is a list of graduate students who are interested in teaching undergraduates, which provides a resource for college tutors who are looking for graduates to fill gaps in their teaching provision. In order to be included in the Register, graduates must have full DPhil Student Status (either through progression from the BPhil to the DPhil or by having passed Transfer of Status from PRS to DPhil status); their supervisor must also have confirmed their suitability to teach each of the options they are offering.
  • The system for the central arrangement of external tutorial teaching was introduced experimentally in 2014-15 and is continuing in 2015-16. Its initial purpose was to coordinate tutorial teaching swaps between college tutors with teaching stints; it has now been extended to cover the arrangement of a certain amount of tutorial teaching by graduate students listed in the Graduate Teaching Register.

The Faculty offers preliminary training for graduate students who are starting to teach, in the form of a half-day Preparation for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO) seminar, run by the Graduate Teaching Coordinator. Graduates are required to attend this seminar before joining the Graduate Teaching Scheme or placing their names on the Graduate Teaching Register. The Graduate Teaching Scheme and Graduate Lecturing Scheme include arrangements for mentoring and feedback, as explained above. Graduates are encouraged to enrol for the Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) programme run by the Oxford Learning Institute.

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